Through the Rift: E06 - Dungeons

In this episode we delve into dungeons.  We also talk about dungeon achievements and how to use macros to make  your dungeon experience more enjoyable.


What we’re doing in game and what we’re drinking

Nikki: Samuel Smith's Chocolate Stout
Lex: Pilsner Urquell

Main Segment: Dungeons

Browse the Dungeon Guides


Dungeon Achievements

  • Achiever: Realm of the Fae – defeat all bosses
  • Expert: Realm of the Fae – defeat all bosses on expert
  • Rapid Assault: Realm of the Fae

Tips & Tricks

Dungeon Macros

Basic Macro Building

#show spell name
Cast (cool down)
Cast (cool down)
Cast (no cool down)
Cast (ranged)
Cast (target behind you)

Rez Macro

#show spell name
Cast rez spell
Yell Come back from the dead %T!


Cast @gtae spell name
Cast @mouseoverui spell name
Cast @focus spell name

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