Through the Rift: E09 - Warfronts

In this episode we talk warfronts and PvP.  We get some help from our special guest, Poggle.  We also give you some great PvP achievements to strive for.  In Tips & Tricks we give you advice on getting more character slots and bag slots, and we also tell you how to turn your obsolete sourcestones into planarite.

What we’re doing in game & what we’re drinking

Nikki: Full Sail Pale Doppelbock
Lex: Leffe Blond

Main Segment: Warfronts

Interview with Poggle!


Tips & Tricks

Character & Bag Slots

Converting Sourcestone to Planarite

Sourcestone Planarite Where to get it
1 Corrupted 50 King’s Retreat in Freemarch
1 Cursed 150 Granite Falls, Stonefield
1 Vile 300 Perspice, Scarwood Reach
50 Inscribed 500 Fortune’s Shore, Shimmersand
50 Infinity Stone 500 Planar College, Meridian – Epic Planar Equipment Vendor
Tempest Bay – Voucher Vendor by AH near Porticulum

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